Meyer Lemon Curd Verrines

Plenty of Meyer lemons in my backyard. An irresistible envy of sweet. No time to make crust for my usual "tarte au citron meringuee" though. So I came up with the idea of these "verrines" filled with Meyer lemon curd (the one from the tart - without butter) and topped with a (storebought) meringue. Life is so simple! And so sweet!


Tofu Steak

With this recipe, never again will you say that tofu doesn't taste anything. Just try it. 
I promise, the next recipe I'll post will be non-Japanese!


Beef + Finely Shredded Vegetables Soup

Got the essential ingredients of Japanese cooking? So you are ready to try this beef and vegetables soup. Very easy and soooo tasty.


Salad with Ponzu Soy Dressing

I hope you like Japanese food 'cause I got "Everyday Harumi" cookbook for Christmas and I'm planning to try every single recipe (just kidding!). Here is a slight and easy start with this "crispy salad with grated carrots and ponzu soy dressing" (p.176-177). Time for you to get started and buy the essentials ingredients* of the Japanese cooking. 
* (such as soy sauce, mirin, sake, rice vinegar, kombu seaweed (dried kelp), nori seaweed, katsuobushi (dried fish flakes) and/or instant dashi stick, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, sushi rice,...) 


Savory Bread Pudding

I was ready to bake my usual bread pudding with the leftovers of the bread I have been collecting for the last few days. Then I asked myself: "Is it reasonable to bake an additional dessert after all we ate during the break and after the package we just got from Italy full of Panettoni and Pandori?" Of course, not! So I was reasonable (the New Year's resolutions helping!) and I went for a savory version of the bread pudding. It is as good as its traditional sweet version.