heidi swanson's weeknight curry

Another recipe from Super Natural Everyday, by Heidi Swanson. I'm considering trying them all! So easy. So quick. So good. So different. So veggie. So grains. So healthy. So whole. So diverse. So San Francisco.


meyer lemons + rosemary lemonade (w/ or w/out a twist)

Delicious as is. Even more with the twist: add 1 shot of gin to your glass of lemonade.


the sparkling cake

A cake. The cake. The one that my daughters regularly ask me to bake for their birthday parties: plain, soft, moist, sweet, very sweet. A sparkling cake, as they like to call it. The sparkling cake.


rye soda bread

The easiest and quickest bread I've ever made. And on top of that, it's healthy and delicious. At the first try, my kids were skeptical. I think it was because they were not used to rye flour (which has a strong taste) and also because they ate it when it was still warm. You should wait until the bread cools down completely before eating it. The second time, they loved it. And so do I, needless to say...