homemade flour tortillas

Forget everything you've heard or read about homemade flour tortillas and give this recipe a try. You won't be disappointed. 


espresso banana muffins

Moist, so moist! Irresistible for breakfast with a cappuccino.


Claire's rhubarb pie

Here is one of my favorite pies. I usually eat this "tarte a' la rhubarbe" at Claire's house. My friend Claire bakes it because -1) it's her recipe, and -2) she is a wonderful baker. All her pies are always delicious. But Claire is on vacation... She has been on vacation for almost 2 months now... And I'm really craving for that pie... So I did not have any other choice than baking her pie all on my own. Good thing that Claire gave me her "secret recipe" a few years ago and that I did not lose it. Precious papers do not get lost!