persimmon galette

Everybody gives me persimmons these days. Great! Thanks! I love persimmons. I usually eat them raw, as they are, or in salads. It's the first time I bake them. I followed my favorite fruit galette recipe [this one]. I divided the dough by 4 to make 4 mini galettes. I added 2 medium persimmons thinly sliced/galette, topped with cinnamon & agave syrup. Simple and delicious.


almond milk + almond cookies

The store-bought almond milk is often composed of a long list of atypical ingredients. No, thanks! Not for me! So I made my own fresh almond milk with just almonds + water. Yes, you will only need 2 ingredients and will even end up with some almond meal leftovers, which you can turn into some almond cookies. No waste, please!


homemade fromage blanc

The other day, I had a craving for a kind of cheese i used to eat in Belgium, called "fromage blanc", "maquee", or "platte kass". I couldn't find the equivalent here in California, so I decided to make it, especially when I discovered how easy it was. After, I found out that the name in English is fresh cheese or farmer cheese and that some specialty stores carry it. But knowing how easy it is to make, I don't think I will ever feel the need to buy it. Jugez plutot!


angel food cake

A classic American cake. My favorite.


sundried tomato basil hemp seed pâté

I'd like to share my lunch with you today. I really enjoyed it: french baguette + sundried tomato basil hemp seed pâté + chioga beet [cooked] + kale [raw]. The other day, instead of the beet, I put some soaked sundried tomatoes. Make your own combination.


pumpkin cinnamon rolls

A twist on the original: + pumpkin, - sugar, and 0 icing. To compensate the Halloween candy madness. Here in French (the recipe I followed - no icing) and here in English (slightly different, with icing).