happy easter pasta dish

A simple pasta dish I'm in love with: Spaghetti  + pea pesto* + 1 poached egg. 
Serve with some fresh peas, toasted pine nuts and Parmesan. 
Happy Easter.

pea pesto

* combine and mix in a food processor or in a blender: 
+ a handful of fresh English peas (shelled and cooked in boiling water until tender) 
+ Parmesan cheese (1tbs or so)
+ toasted pine nuts (1tbs or so)
+ olive oil (1tbs or so)
+ garlic (1)
+ some parsley or other herbs
+ reserved cooking water (to thin the pesto)
+ salt/pepper (to taste)

NB: you can also add some asparagus to the pesto and reserve some for serving

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