Homemade Yogurt (without a yogurt maker)

It has been a while since I have wanted to make my own yogurt. At first I looked at the various kinds of yogurt makers. I wasn't sure... It was not a good sign. Then I've learned that you can make it without a yogurt maker. Again I wasn't sure... Finally a friend of mine made it. Without a yogurt maker, I mean. She made me taste it: it was damn good. And here I am  making my own yogurt too. I can't believe it!


- 500 ml whole milk or 2%
- a starter: 2 tbs yogurt (my friend gave me hers, but I guess you can use any kind of plain yogurt you like - the less ingredients the better)

1. Heat the milk until it boils (stop as soon as you see the foam coming in)
2. Let cool down until it reaches the body temperature
3. In a separate bowl, blend the starter slowly to a smooth consistency
4. Add the milk slowly while mixing
5. Pour into glass containers
6. Put them for a few hours in the microwave until the desired consistency (between 4 and 5 hours in my case) 

NB: My first batches were way too liquid. So don't give up after the first unsuccessful attempt.


cécile said...

euh, suis pas certaine de bien comprendre là. Tu le laisses reposer dans le micro onde?????

anne said...

Si si tu as bien compris: micro onde ou autre endroit a' temperature constante (four, un tiroir quelconque. Ne fais pas comme moi la ere fois. Laisse le reposer sans regarder, sans toucher, sans ouvrir la porte de ton MO.... Et ca marche. essaie et dis moi quoi.