Homemade Ricotta

After the homemade yogurt, the temptation to try making homemade ricotta was high! I know... I'm not original. The D.I.Y ("do it yourself") movement is really spreading out these days. But it's a good thing. So pass on the word and do it yourself!

Homemade Ricotta
(for about 1/2 lb. of ricotta)

NoteI've followed this recipe, in Italian, which I'll try to translate in English (following the steps and numbers of the recipe). There is also a similar recipe in English here

1 liter milk
100 ml heavy whipping cream
2 tbs apple cider vinegar
a pinch of salt

1. In a pot, mix milk, cream, and salt.
2+3. Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly up to 175ºF.
4. Add the vinegar, stir and continue cooking over low heat for 1 minute. The mixture should not boil.
5. At this point, the milk will start curdle and coagulate. Cover with a towel and let cool to room temperature.
6+7+8. Using a slotted spoon, gently transfer the ricotta in a fine sieve covered with cheesecloth and let it drain until it reaches the desired consistency.
9. Let stand a couple of hours in the fridge and your cheese will be ready.

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