homemade creme fraiche

"Chose promise, chose due". I don't know how to  say it in English. Sorry. The recipe is in English though.

Homemade creme fraiche* (makes 2 cups)

1. Pour one pint heavy cream  in a jar or plastic container, add tbs buttermilk, and whisk together. 
2. Set the container in a warm place of the kitchen (on top of the refrigerator is a good spot) and place a lid on top, but leave it ajar to help the culture grow. 
3. The cream will thicken after 24 hours and you can use it at this point, but you can let it sit for another 12 hours. That's when the flavor really develops. Cover and refigerate. It will keep for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. 
4. Reserve 2 tbs creme fraiche to make your next batch. 
5. Then go back to the buttermilk for the third batch. 
6. Alternate the creme fraiche starter with buttermilk every other time to keep the culture fresh.

*tastes a little like sour cream, but it's less sour...

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