Focaccia and Pizza Focaccia

An Italian classic. When you'll try it, you won't buy any pizza anymore.

Focaccia and Pizza Focaccia
500 gr flour
1 ts salt 
4 ts yeast 
1 ts sugar
300 ml water
olive oil
+ topping
1. heat the water for about 30' in the micro wave
2. pour the yeast + sugar in the hot water
3. set aside for about 10'
4. mix the flour and the salt
5. add slowly the yeasted mixture + the olive oil into the flour bowl, mixing with a wooden spoon
6. pour everything on a plane surface and knead for about 10' until the dough is smooth, but not sticky, adding flour if necessary
7. place in a large bowl sprinkled with flour and covered with a wet towel and let rise for about 2 hours in a warm place
8. flatten the dough slightly in a baking pan
9. let raise again for about 30'
10. add the topping you like *
11. Bake in a preheated oven at 450 F for about 20'
* For the focaccia: a bit of water mixed with salt + olive oil
* For the pizza focaccia: tomato sauce + mozzarella (add the mozarella about 3' before the baking time ends)

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